Berry Shows Promise in Fighting Cancer Study Shows

Berry Shows Promise in Fighting Cancer Study Shows

There was a recent study at the University of Florida where a popular fruit known as the acai berry showed that it contains antioxidants that were able to destroy cancer cells.

The results showed that the acai berry destroyed leukemia cells 86 percent of the time where it triggered a self-destruct response according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry where the information was initially published.

There is a rich source of antioxidants found in the acai berry and antioxidants are important in fight off harmful toxins that lead to cancer. The reserach showed that having some sort of acai berry extract added to the daily diet can do wonders for the human body.

An very important thing to note here is that this study did not intend to demonstrate that the elements found in the acai berry can prevent leukemia in humans.

This study was never intended to raise any false hopes that the acai berry is a cure for leukemia. The results are still very positive however. The human body has shown promising results with compounds that have been tested under the cell-culture model.

Other fruits have proven similar results in killing cancer cells like mangoes, grapes and guavas. Scientist are still unsure what role antioxidants play in fighting cancer cells as there are other factors that come into play as well.

The fragility of the acai berry is the primary reason so little is known because they must be consumed shortly after they are picked. The process of extracting the important elements of the acai berry is new and has also delayed the process of researching in depth.

Acai berrys are produced by a palm tree known scientifically as Euterpe oleracea, common in floodplain areas of the Amazon River. When the berry is ripe, it is purple and about the size of a grape. It's contained in a thin layer of an edible pulp surrounding a large seed.

The indigenous people of the amazon have used the acai berry to treat symptoms ranging from digestive disorders to skin conditions. The acai berry has also been proven recently to help loose weight and gain energy.