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Losing weight using diet meals is simply a matter of planning the best menu possible that can effectively tackle your excess weight problem. The contents of these meals not only can help you lose weight but can also make you a healthier person which is something all of us could benefit from.

Planning meals to reduce fat and sodium intake will have three major benefits: it will result in healthier blood pressure readings, lower cholesterol levels and in weight reduction. A win-win-win situation. But everyone is different and our metabolic rates vary enormously, so we cant all expect the same results in the same time frame.

It is important that you plan for three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner and avoid snacks in between. If you get hungry between meals, dont reach for a sandwich or cake but have a supply of apples, carrots and suchlike to hand. It is the meals we are concerned with here.

There are diets that stress the advantages of eating more protein and cutting down on carbohydrates. Extreme examples of this are the Atkins Diet and the so-called Caveman Diet. By significantly reducing the number of carbohydrates consumed by weight, dieters following a menu of high protein diet meals have been known to lose substantial amounts of weight.

A regime of protein-rich diet meals burn fat by forcing the body to replace carbohydrates with protein for energy. When this happens, a metabolic condition known as ketosis occurs and the body begins to tap into its own fat resources for fuel. Normally the body gets most of its energy from the carbohydrates we usually consume.

Ketosis has a reducing effect on the appetite, which helps those people eating a high-protein diet lose weight in itself. Additionally, because the body is forced to use your body fat for its energy, the first places youll notice it go is in the areas of belly, hips and thighs. High visibility weight loss!

Having said that, youve got to be careful. A growing number of experts now believe that cutting the body of from carbohydrates is a bad idea, dangerous and totally unhealthy. Its true that you dont have to completely stop eating carbs in order to achieve ketosis. I have seen wonderful results by eating mainly beans, lentils, pulses and nuts and avoiding fatty animal protein. By adding around a third as much wholegrain rice, bread and potatoes (with their skins on), you see the best results and stay healthy.

Reduce your salt intake. The benefits of diet meals low in salt are enormous. It is true that our bodies need potassium and sodium in order to perform hundreds of different functions, but when we consume too much, we become thirsty and instinctively will drink more. As a result, we get into what is called a high-salt condition, which is when the body tries to balance its salt levels. This will cause water retention in tissues and so we gain weight.

The first effect of a reduced-sodium diet is that the body releases fluids stored in its tissues. Depending on your metabolism and the amount of fluids stored by each person, this can reduce your overall weight by between five and twenty pounds. The kidneys also enjoy the effects of a low-salt diet, as it helps them filter toxins from the body.

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