Health Foods That Aren’t So Healthy After all

Health Foods That Aren’t So Healthy After all

There have always been those culprits among your healthy, nutritional food that deliver more than what you believe them to – deliver in the form of additional calories. Little do we realize sometimes that the game plan we’ve chalked out that should help us lose weight is in fact the very same backfiring nitwit that causes us to pile on some more.

Confused? Don’t worry! We’ll break it down for you.

Some of the foods that you choose over others, because you’re believed to choose that the former are better in terms of calorie management may not always be the right choices made for you.

You could be stuck in a rut by choosing to involve these food items on your list of must-eats. We’re going to bust some serious myths for you today and ensure that you’ve got the right game plan going for you!

Culprit # 1 – The Bran Muffin

Healthy food myths

You’ve heard – They’re a delicious source of fiber. They make for one of the best breakfast deals in the world. Low on calories – high on fiber. Great!!!

Calorie Count – 420

We suggest – The breakfast sandwich

You skip the bran muffin because it has two things that should be the last things your body gets early in the morning – refined flour and simple sugar. It is the perfect recipe for a mid-morning crash.

The breakfast sandwich is a better way to kick-start your day. It’s actually lower on the calories and carbs; but it also ends up offering more in terms of protein; and that’s always good news.

Culprit # 2 – Chicken Caesar Salad

You’ve heard – It’s good because the lettuce used is great for you. The chicken if lean, is a good source of protein while keeping off the calories. If olive oil is used in the dressing, it will have more health benefits.

Calorie count – 900 calories

We suggest – Grilled Chicken tossed with mixed greens

Caesar salads end up suffering due to two natural disasters that commonly occur in tandem with it – a dressing that is high on fats and an avalanche of Parmesan cheese. Skip all this king-ly treatment and opt for a simpler salad with some grilled chicken breast which has been tossed into a bed of some scrumptious veggies. Skip the Parmesan and stick to olive oil or plain old vinegar.

Culprit # 3 – Fruit Smoothies

Food myths and facts

You’ve heard – They’re made from fresh fruit juices, combined with the goodness of milk. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals. Combine it with low fat dairy products and you’re good to go.

Calorie Count – 600 calories

We Suggest – 100 % fruit smoothie

Most of the fruit smoothies that you indulge in have heavy amounts of sugar added to them, which get combined with the corn syrup that is added which is already high on the fructose level. What you can do instead is swap the milk/ice-cream for some yogurt and lesser amounts of sugar. This will have the vitamins you wanted; and still possess the anti-oxidant qualities that you were looking for.