What are Toxins and How Do They Affect Your Body?

What are Toxins and How Do They Affect Your Body?

What are toxins? Toxins are broadly defined as a poisonous substance produced by living cells or organisms. Toxicant is a more appropriate term for artificial or man-made substances.

Toxins are small molecules, peptides, or proteins that can cause disease on contact with or absorption through body tissues interacting with enzymes or receptors in the cells. They can vary greatly with severity ranging from minor to deadly based on the type of toxin.

To understand what toxins are and how they affect your body, you need to know the types of toxins and how they interact with certain body functions and systems. Body toxins are the leading cause of disease, weight gain or loss, and overall bad health. When looking for perfect body health, you want to rid your body of all toxics that are causing your health to degrade then avoid ingesting or absorbing more toxics into your body.

When used non-technically, the term "toxin" is often applied to any toxic substance. What are toxins with respect to your body are better defined by exploring the types of toxicants in society, where they are found, and how they enter your body.

Toxicants are chemical compounds that have an effect on living organisms such as your body. They are mostly introduced into the environment through human activity or created by man-made processes. Many toxicants are pesticides or unwanted by-products of a production process or accident. They are also known as poisons or teratogens.

Some pesticides common in your life that are considered to be toxicants are insecticides that are used to kill insects on crops, herbicides used to kill weeds in agricultural applications, and food conservation products to kill micro-organisms. Some common teratogenic agents that you may come in contact with regularly in your everyday life are certain drugs and medications (such as tobacco, caffeine, aspirin, NSAIDs, and alcohol), environmental chemicals (such as dioxins, PCBs, PCDFs, mercury, and bromide), ionizing radiation (such as x-rays, radiation therapy, atomic weapon fallout, and background radiation), infections (such as herpes virus, rubella, and syphilis), and metabolic imbalance (such as diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, alcoholism, tumors, and congenital heart block).

Many of these toxins can cause adverse affects to your body and can cause birth defects. Long term exposure can cause death.

Explore the categories of toxins below to learn more about each one so you can prevent their absorption into your body and learn how to flush those toxics out of your body:

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