How to apply organic makeup

How to apply organic makeup

Organic makeup is the same as natural makeup. In other words, these are the makeup that is free from chemicals. Organic makeup beauties use strictly use chemical free makeup. Do you consider yourself an organic makeup lady? You may be a natural makeup beauty or an organic one depending on the choice of beauty products.

Learning how to apply organic makeup is an important step towards looking natural every day. This article is dedicated to ladies out there who valued natural beauty products.

When less is more

In beauty circles, the rule of the thumb is that less is better. Overdone makeup simply makes you look artificial. After doing makeup, ensure that you dab yourself using a sponge. This sponge helps you to get rid of the excess makeup which makes you look like the foundation of primer has caked on your skin.

Read the label

Most of the makeup that you buy has ingredients. It is important to read the label to know which make up the makeup. If they are natural or organic, buy them, weaning you off the chemical-laden varieties.

Use bronzer instead of the applicator

The applicator bears the notoriety of making your face look smudgy or blotchy, hence the preference of Bronzer. The latter is best when applying the makeup since it helps to tan your skin well.

Match your skin

Organic makeup tends to match your skin and is the best in this case. Invest in makeup such as Bare Minerals which has SPF 15. This type of foundation comes with a variety of colours which match your skin.

Minimize foundation and eyeliner

Over use of this kind of makeup has the tendency to make your skin too soft for comfort. See the first point on ‘less is better’.


Pink is preferable especially the lighter one instead of the heavier one.